Suspect your patient could have WHIM?

HCP Diagnosis Resources

Diagnosis Guide

A guide with key information about WHIM syndrome manifestations and diagnostic approaches for easy referencing.

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Physician-Initiated No-Cost Genetic Testing

X4 has partnered with Invitae to offer genetic testing at no cost for qualified U.S. patients who may have a congenital neutropenic disorder or a primary immunodeficiency, including WHIM syndrome. Genetic counseling and family testing are also available.

HCP and Diagnostic Liason

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You can also contact an X4 Rare Disease Specialist directly.

WHIM Syndrome Learning Center

In collaboration with X4, the educational medical publishing company CheckRare has developed a dedicated WHIM learning page with in-depth information and videos with expert perspectives on a range of WHIM syndrome topics, including long-term sequelae, diagnosis, testing, and management.

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Patient Resources
X4 WHIM Nurse Educators

X4 Nurse Educator*

A nurse educator who specializes in WHIM syndrome can help patients navigate the unique challenges of living with and managing this disease.​

* X4 Nurse Educators are employees of X4 Pharmaceuticals and do not work under the direction of a healthcare professional; they do not offer medical or treatment-related advice. For treatment and medical questions, patients should contact their healthcare provider.​

WHIM Syndrome Patient Educational Materials

Patient Educational Guide

A fact sheet to help patients better understand WHIM syndrome and how it is diagnosed.

10 Warning Signs of WHIM Syndrome

A patient-friendly fact sheet covering common manifestations of WHIM syndrome.

No-Cost Genetic Testing Patient Handout (Path4Ward)

Information to share with your patients about getting no-cost genetic testing through Path4Ward. Patient Education Website

A website designed for patients and their caregivers to understand the signs of WHIM syndrome, receive tips on living with the condition, and get resources to support their journey.